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Bird's Nest

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Nests are warm, safe places where birds lay eggs and where the nestlings (baby birds) develop after they have hatched. Birds do not sleep in their nests at night. Instead, they roost on perches in sheltered places, such as hedges and tree.

Constructing the nest is usually the female’s job. The first step is to choose a good site. Then the materials are gathered. Twigs, leaves feathers, moss, wool, and mud are all used by various birds. The nest-building bird pushes the materials into place, and hollows out the inside with her body. The finished nest may be lined with soft materials, such as feathers, to protect the eggs.

Nesting birds are fascinating to study. Attract birds into your garden, and help them to nest and raise their young by building a nesting box in the early spring. You may see birds fly by with nesting materials in their beaks, looking for a place to build. Many birds build their nests wedged in the forks of tree branches. Nest-building uses up a lot of time and energy. It may take between a week and month, yet most nests last for just one breeding season, and are ruined by winter weather.

Nesting materials

In the spring, try handing nesting material from branches or a window sill. You can use wool, string, grass, moss and feathers. You could also try paper tissue, straw and animal hair. Different bird species like different materials. Try and find out which materials are chosen by various birds.

You will need

  • Wood (cut into pieces by an adult as shown),
  • Wood glue Hammer,
  • Nails or panel pins,
  • Pencil,
  • Strip of sacking or rubber (for the hinge),
  • Varnish, brush.
Making Bird's Nest Step 1Step 1
When all the pieces of wood have been cut by an adult, arrange them in position to make sure that they all fit properly. Glue the low front of the box to the base.

Making Bird's Nest Step 2

Step 2
Now add one of the side pieces to the base of your nesting box. Glue it in place. Next, add the other side piece to the opposite edge of the base and glue that into position, too.

Making Bird's Nest Step 3

Step 3
Nail all the pieces together. Take great care with the hammer. You could ask an adult to help. Place the box in the middle of the rear board, and draw around it in pencil.

Making Bird's Nest Step 4
Step 4
Using your pencil guidelines, nail the rear board to the box. Add the roof by gluing and nailing the sacking hinge. Now your nesting box is ready to use.

Making Bird's Nest Step 5
Step 5
Your nesting box will last much longer if you give it a coat of varnish, inside and out, to protect it. Leave the box overnight to let the varnish dry completely.

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