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The Sea’s Inhabitants
The deepest parts of the sea are darker and colder.

Some of the creature that live in the depths are blinds. They do not need sight because light never reaches the sea’s bottom. These creatures feed on other animals, since plant life cannot exist without light.

The sea’s surface is home to some very small organisms that content chlorophyll, just like other green plants. They are known as phytoplankton. Living off phytoplankton are the tiny organisms known as the zooplankton.

All sea creatures ultimately depend on the phytoplankton for food. The life of these little plants depends on the amount of sunlight and the presence of certain mineral elements in the sea. Although the sunlight only penetrate the upper parts of the sea and does not go down further than about three hundred feet, minerals are found at the ocean bottom.

Vertical Currents
Nature has developed its own mechanism for bringing up the minerals to the surface of the sea plants to live on. Through vertical movements in the water the minerals ascend from the bottom to the upper parts of the surface. These vertical currents make it possible for plankton to thrive.

From the ocean depth to the surfaceFrom the ocean depth to the surface (Click on the picture to view large)

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