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Physical Environment
The planet earth has a great variety of physical environments. A physical environment is a place where organisms and creature live. It may be a field, a forest, a lake, a river, or a sea.

Living beings does not live in isolation from the world surrounds them. They form part of a whole ecosystem in which they interact with each other and with their physical environment.

Two hundred and fifty million years ago there are no snakes or frogs or even fish on our planet. Over a long period of time measured in a millions of years, ancient organisms underwent many changes, which produce the creatures that today inhabit the sea, land and air.

The Changes in the Sea
Life in the sea today is different from what it must have been when it first began there.

The sea has always been a source of food and energy for human beings, as well as a means of traveling from one place to another. But in modern times the sea has also been used as the world greatest rubbish dump. In spite of this, life has managed to continue, thanks to the sea’s natural ability to purify itself.

Change in the sea
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