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Conservation of Sea


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The important components of the sea water are salt, gases, and other dissolved substances. Seawater also contains particle of calcium, iron, copper, silver, and even gold.

However, the most abundant element is sodium chloride, or common household salt. The sea’s salinity, or salt content differs from place to place. In Polar Regions, the sea’s salt content is low; on the other hand, salinity is very high in the tropical areas. Salinity is related to the water’s density. Salty water is denser than the water with less salt.

Sea Current
Some sea currents are produce by winds that blow on the sea. But most important sea currents are produced by difference between the salinity temperature, and density of water. Sea current moves the water around, enriching the oceans with oxygen and carbon-dioxide.

The oxygen is breathed by the fish and other marine life, while carbon-dioxide is used in food production and photosynthesis carried out the sea plants.

The sea's characteristics Waves caused by winds (Click on the picture to view large)

Sea current
(Click on the picture to view large)

Unlike waves, sea currents create horizontal movements in the water. Some of the main sea currents transport warm waters from the euqator to the poles, making ht oceans a moderating elements of the world's climate.

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