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The Development of the Cities
Since ancient times, people have banded together in communities. The smaller communities live mainly on agriculture and live stock raising. The bigger ones depended on industry and commerce.

Water has been an absolute necessity since the first urban communities were formed. Historically, when a city reached a maximum number of inhabitants, some of those inhabitants would build a new city in an undeveloped area. Uncontrolled urban growth meant serious water supply problems.

Water Consumption
The enormous cities of Calcutta, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, and Mexico City have grown more than anyone could have expected. What has happened to their water supply?

Lately, consumption of water worldwide has quadrupled, going from 200 cubic mile to 800 cubic miles. This is not only because of an increasing population but also because today’s agricultural systems and industrial process need more water.

Every day, in every house, people turn their taps and out flows water from nearby reservoir. It is the water we consume when we drink, wash, cook, and water the plants.

Canals have been built and rivers diverted; water from the underground aquifers has been extracted. But the government of the countries where is scarce have to impose restrictions on its use and promote campaigns to cut down individual water consumption.

Water is scarce Water is scarce (Click on the picture to view large)

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