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Dancing Ghost

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Clay is one of the most irresistible attractions for young and old alike. And why not? Squeeze it, and you can make just anything with this dough. Down the years, playing with clay-models have become more and more popular among the kids. So here are a few tips for clay modeling for all you creative kids out there. You can also find this useful for your school projects. This is sure to bring out your ingenuity.


Step 1
Take a piece of fluorescent clay (about 30mm size) and make a mould out of it.

covering with a plastic bag

Step 2
Then make a shape of it as shown in the picture. Create a fine wire loop and fix it in to the clay. Then position a magnet in to the clay as shown in the picture.

step 3

Step 3
Create hands out of clay for the ghost. Take a pair of scissors or scapula and cut out fingers as shown in the picture. The Height should be approx 50mm

step 4

Step 4
Last but not the least, add some features to the mouth to give it a ghostly impression.

When your ghost is ready you can suspend it anywhere in your room. With little help of a regular magnet you can move your ghost in any direction you want. Rest is up to you; use your imagination and scare the hell out of your friends. And with this in your kitty you will be the sure winner in your next school project.


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