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Erupting Volcano

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Volcanoes are scary as well fascinating, aren't they? Have you ever created a volcano? That too, in your school project? Though there are several methods and many materials to create a volcano, here we give you a simple and easy way to create an active, erupting one with a film spool container, aluminum foil, soda, poster color, starch and water. The steps are described below -

Making Volcano

step 1

Step 1
Take a Film spool container and some aluminum foil. Crumple the aluminum foil and stick it around the film spool container with adhesive as shown in the picture. This will create the basic shape of your volcano.
step 2

Step 2
Then to give your volcano some artistic touch, blend some Polymer Clay and stick it around the volcano as shown in the picture. To make it more realistic take some brown Polymer Clay and stick it around the aluminum foil as shown in the picture. this will be the surface of your volcano.

Step 3
You can add some of your imagination to make it look more realistic. However more or less your volcano will look like this as shown in the picture.

To make your volcano erupt

step 4

Step 4
Now it is time to make your volcano erupt with the molten lava from inside. For this first you have to add some soda in to the container as shown in the picture.
step 5

Step 5
Now take some Orange Poster color, some starch and water to make your molten lava. And mix them together to form a mixture.
step 6

Step 6
Add the above mixture in to the container. The Water will react with the soda which was already inside the container and will make your lava to come out of the container. it will seems like your volcano is erupting.


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