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Bottled Sky

The serene blue sky above our head looks really cool, isn't it? Want to create your own sky? Follow the simple instructions given below.

You need :
• A clear glass jar
• Water
• Milk
• Measuring spoons
• Flashlight
• A darkened room


• Fill the jar with water 2/3 full.

• Add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of milk. Stir then.

• Use the flashlight to shine from the bottom, the top, and the side. Note the difference in colors each time you alter the light source. The effect is similar to what dust particles would do in the air causing varying shades in a sunset or making the sky blue. The effect is due to scattering of particles and changing light source.

Why is the sky blue?

The clear blue unclouded sky is one of the most pleasant things to look at. It is at once beautiful, serene, lifting, majestic and at the same time - all-pervading. But have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? It is because the air particles in the atmosphere reflect only the blue color of the spectrum. Try this experiment to find it out for yourself.


You'll need:
• A small mirror
• Piece of white paper or cardboard
• Water
• Large, shallow pan
• Direct sunlight

• Fill the pan 2/3 with water.

• Place it in direct sunlight in order for the experiment to work.

• Hold the mirror under the water while also holding the piece of paper in the other hand. Adjust both so that light reflects in order to observe the prism color spectrum.


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