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Snake Pot

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This little storage pot looks like a sleeping snake curled around on itself.


Step 1
Step 1
Cut three pieces of drying modelling material and roll each into a snake. Make each one as long as possible but not too thin. Tightly coil one of the snakes into a flat circle. This will be the base of the pot. If there are any gaps, gently press them together. Bind the joins with the modelling tool.

Step 2
Step 2
Build the walls of the pot by coiling a snake on top of the outer edge of the base. Smooth the ridges on the inside of the pot. Continue coiling with the second snake. When you have finished, shape the end to make the snake's face. With the modelling tool carve a pattern around the edge.

Step 3
Step 3
Allow the pot to dry for about 12 hours on each side before painting it yellow with red spots. To finish, apply a varnish made of 8 parts PVA glue and 1 part water.

Snake Pot

The snake pot is the ideal place to store small treasures or even your pocket money. No one would dare touch for fear of disturbing the sleeping snake!

Handy hint
If you want to make a larger coil pot to use as a pencil holder, roll the snakes a little thicker. If you need more snakes to complete your pot, bind the snakes together and keep coiling.

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