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Why we should keep our houses eco-friendly?

At home, we need water for our domestic purposes like drinking, watering gardens, washing clothes, dishes, surrounding and most important keeping ourselves clean from pollution. As we all know that at every house uses much more water than it needs, which wastes each drop of freshwater. The good news is that we can conserve fresh water for our own future. All we need to follow these steps for our own safety for conserving water resources.

The ways we can keep ourselves as eco-friendly –

1. Utilizing less amount of water:

Bath-room: Whenever we brush our teeth. We should close the tap while finishing brushing our teeth. As around 4 gallons [15 L ] of water could be wasted each time.

Kitchen: The foods and dishes should also be washed in such way so that we could conserve as much as water amount for our own personal uses


Laundry: Washing machine used to waste up to 30 gallons [114L] of water. Much less water is used if you wash your clothes with your own hands with small loads.

Carwash: A pressure hose uses about 20 times more water than a bucket and sponge. So, use as minimum amount of water you want to wash your car for your own safety.

car washing

Pipes: Leaking pipes waste more than 250 million gallons [946 million L] of water per year. So, use those pipes which should not be leaked for conserving of water resources.

Bucket: In order to prevent the misuse of water, place a bucket in the shower to catch excess amount of water. Then utilize it to water your plants.


Compost bin: Use a compost bin instead of a water-hungry garbage disposal.

compost bin

Water meter: We should always remember to check the water meter to regulate water usage and leaks.

Sprinkler: Avoid watering the tarmac and pavement with poorly aimed sprinklers.


Dishwasher: We should also remember that not to start the dishwasher with only a few items inside.


Showerhead: Try to install low – flow showerhead and to take short showers rather than long baths.

Lawn mower: Sometimes only try to mow the lawn with less amount of water in order to survive the grass.

Pool cover - Keep the pool cover so that it may be decreased by the cause of evaporation.

swiming pool

2. Utilizing less amount of energy:

1. Buy energy efficient appliances only for keeping ourselves as eco-friendly. They may be expensive but make sure to put the increased cost in lower energy-bills.

2. Make sure to unplug the chargers when you are not in the mood in using them.


3. The Devices like T.V, VCR’S, and stereos should put remotes  on a power strip and turn it off when you’re not using it because these devices uses a lot of power to run the remote receiver even when it is switched off.


4. Ride  with  your bike or scooter for a short trip.

5. Make the habit to buy some local products. It takes energy to transport food and other products across the country. Buying local products not only saves money and strengthen your local economy  but also helps to conserve a huge amount of energy.

It is recommended that to involve the kids on conserving water resources. Make them to think it as a game. Mostly the kids like to compete among themselves and in this you can tell them whoever gets more information regarding of water conservation, becomes the winner. It's the best way to conserve our resources.

Reuse: The three R’s – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce are the most vital aspects in our life. But we mostly forget to do so. It is recommended to follow some guidance from other people for conserving water. The little thing that you have to do is to earn creativity. With a little thought, there are many things around our house that we can recycle like toilet paper holders can be used to sow seeds for the vegetable patch and old yogurt containers can be cut into strips to make plant labels. Old food Jars can be refilled with homemade foods or can make great impromptu vases.

three R's

3. Use Environmentally Friendly Products

Whenever we come to the word ‘Eco-friendly’ means we are free from harmful substances. But utilizing these kinds of products doesn’t mean is quite helpful for us because for two big reasons: 1) As we are thinking they are eco-friendly doesn’t mean they are so natural for us. 2) They are very much expensive since they are natural for us.


But there are some ways in which we can use them not by purchasing them but making them by ourselves which could be inexpensive, more natural and safe products. There are some ways in which we can do so:-

1. Whenever we want to remove strong stains from our clothes then just add some drops of baking soda to your vinegar cleaner.


2.Try to buy green products as they are biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. They do not tend to disturb the environment or upset the ecological balance even when they are disposed of.


3. If you are still using those incandescent bulbs, then you are not only harming the environment but also losing a huge amount of money. As Fluorescent light bulbs uses 75 percent less energy than equivalent 75 watt incandescent and lasts up to 10 times  longer than the incandescent. If you try to replace a single incandescent with a compact fluorescent, then you can keep a half ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb.

Fluorescent light

4. Power systems that generate clean and renewable electricity usually making the use of solar panels. Nowadays, most of the homes are using solar panel specifically in those areas where anyone can consume a lot of sunshine to generate solar power. If anyone wants to have the continuous supply of electricity, then should get these solar panels as they are so useful since these solar panels will also provide electricity indoors as well as outdoors. You will require to need an electrician so that to connect the solar panels to your existing electrical wiring. Once you start using the solar panels will enjoy the free use of electricity. Solar power is natural and free of cost once you’ve purchased the needed materials and the guided instructions properly. 

eco-friendly houses solar panels

The panels are usually mounted on rooftops where there could be a great consumption of sunlight. We must always ensure to see whether the panels are working properly or not and also always maintain the panels and keep it clean.  

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