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Minimizing Water Pollution and Protecting Nature

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Why we should consider minimizing water pollution?

As we know that water is essential for the existence of every living beings in this world. So, conserving water resources plays a major role for us and to be a part of it for ensuring safe and healthy environment. It is considered that each and everyone should use water in such way so that we would preserve some water resources not only for our society but also for storing it for our future generations. Water can be minimized only if we recognize our duty regarding protecting and preserving the environment.

1. Conserve water. It is considered that to turn off the tap whenever the water seems to be not required. Try to take short showers or bath as much as possible. This not only helps to prevent water deficient but also helps to minimize the amount of contaminated water which could be harmful for us.

tunnel waste water

2. Don’t throw litter into sinks and toilets. Paints, oils and other same products should considered not to throw into sinks and toilets as it could be harmful for the environment so try to dispose these items directly into dustbin or garbage.

recycling way

3. Help to clean up the litters or the waste - products from the water-filled areas. This includes beaches, lakes, oceans. We should ensure it would be safe to collect the garbage and throw it into nearby trash or dustbin.

4. Contain and compost yard waste. Yard waste which used to be around can easily be washed into storm drains as it could rain. The products can not only contain Chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides but also consist of large quantities of sticks, leaves and grass clippings which can convert the reservoirs with unhygienic nutrients.

planting  a tree

  •  Compost yard wastes.

    It is recommended that the compost should be contained in a bin or barrel so that it could not be washed away.

  • Use a mulching mower instead  of bagging  grass clippings.
    Mulching mowers are the best method  to use for composting waste as it covers a natural layer of compost to your lawn and don’t have to deal with disposal of grass clippings.
  • Dispose of yard and grass clippings properly.
    If anyone couldn’t compost then immediately should contact with their local waste management or environmental protection agency to determine how to dispose them.

driving car

Reduce contaminants leaving your yard

 Common contaminants are oil and grease from cars, de-icing which are used on sidewalks, or the pesticides which could be used for lawn and garden care. All of eventually directly  goes through sewers, drainage channels, and streams. The ways in which we can restrict such things:-

  1. The first point is that we should remember is to maintain our cars especially check for oil leaks before they would withdraw.
  2. Avoid de-icing salts – shovel often and early.
  1. Try to use as much less amount of pesticides for gardening so that it may not disturb the environment.

Plant a rain garden

We all use to plant trees especially for protecting our ecosystem but in order to conserve more water for our own safety, we should try to plant a rain garden which in return can help to minimize the problem of storm water runoff and another important point that we can remind  that shallow beds  about six to twelve inches (15-30 centimetres) would be completely be filled with native plants which will be vital for filtering out of 90 percent of pollutants. Rain gardens also allow water to drain deep enough into the soil so that it helps to renew groundwater.

rain garden

rain water2


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