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Once upon a time, there lived a poor couple in Yelavathi.Every day they begged for food and managed with meager offerings from kind people. The husband's favorite dish was dosas "oh, how I long for a nice, crisp dosa!" he would constantly say. One day, he got lucky. A kind lady gave him some dosa batter. But there was no firewood to cook it on." I will fetch some right away," he said and left for the forest. When he reached the forest, he found a tree, climbed it, and started to cut a branch with his axe. The man worked, dreaming of delicious dosas.

The poor man eating dosasSuddenly, he heard a loud roar. To his horror, he saw a fierce demon thundering towards him. "I am the lord of this jungle, and you did not even ask me!" The terrified man babbled, "Forgive me, sir! I was only cutting firewood for my wife. She is going to make dosas for me!" The demon's face changed. "dosas,did you say? I love dosas! I will let you go!" "Gladly!" promised the relived man and hurried home with firewood.

His wife was waiting eagerly for him. She lit the stove and made several delicious dosas. The man started to eat heartily. "This is so tasty!" exclaimed the man, chewing happily.

Before he knew it he had polished off all the dosas! "I hope there are ten left for the demon," he said. However, there was no batter left.The demon"Oh my god!what do we do now? He’s going to eat us both!" cried the man.

Just then he heard the demon approaching. His wife hid inside a basket, and he hid behind a pot after locking all the doors. The demon banged on the door." Open up!" he said. Hearing no response, he broke down the door and roared, "Where are my dosas?" The couple trembled. The demon searched all the pots for dosas. "Nothing here!" he fumed. In a fit of rage, he kicked a vessel. Unfortunately, it was filled with chili powder. The powder flew into the air and got into his eyes. "My eyes!" he screamed in agony. With his eyes stinging terribly, the demon rushed out of the house. The relived couple came out of hiding. "That's the last time I'll ever want dosas! And I'll never make a promise I can't keep!" declared the man.