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One evening, a young man named Gopu was traveling through a forest, which was the hideout of many thieves. When he reached the forest, which was the hideout of many thieves. When he reached the middle of the forest, a man suddenly appeared from the bushes." Don’t be scared!" said the man." I am a porter; let me carry your heavy trunk for you." "What is a 'porter' doing here?" thought Gopu. robbers"I am sure he is a thief. He must be carrying dangerous weapons. I need to trick him. "So, Gopu thought of a plan and allowed the 'porter' to carry his trunk. In a clearing in the forest lived Gopu's friend, Magan, a woodcutter Gopu led the 'porter’ to Magan's house and said," This is my house. Leave the trunk here." Disappointed, the thief thought, "I couldn't rob him! I must figure out a way to enter the house." So, he pretended to faint. Meanwhile, Magan came out and was surprised to see Gopu there. Gopu whispered to Magan, "This man is a thief. We must catch him. Do as I say." The two friends then lifted the thief and took him inside the house. The thief smiled to him and thought," I will rob him once he is asleep." But before he could do anything, Gopu and Magan put him in a trunk and threw it into a deep pit some distance away from the house.

A little while later, some robbers strolling around sported the trunk." That’s big!" they exclaimed. "There could be something valuable inside."

But when they pulled out the trunk and opened it, they were in for a shock!" That's our friend!" cried the robbers.

"How did you get in there?" they asked. The robber then narrated his story to his friends. "I was tricked!" he said. "But now I am not alone; let's go there together friends, and rob the man!" All of them agreed and went to Magan's house.

Mean while, Gopu and Magan had anticipated that the robbers would attack. So, they had made the necessary arrangements. As soon as the robbers broke open the door of Magan's house, a bucketful of hot water fell upon them. "Eeeeeeaaaaaaaa!" cried the robbers, their skin burning!

Hardly had they recovered from the shock, when Magan splashed a bucketful of chilled water on them. "Brrrrrrrrrr! the robbers shivered from the cold.

Mean while, Gopu took a fistful of red chili powder and stood right in front of the robbers' eyes.

"Iiiiik!" cried the robbers, rubbing their eyes in agony. "Now let us call the palace guards!" said Gopu. The palace guards came and arrested the robbers. Thus, the cleaver Gopu and Magan outwitted a gang of devious robbers.