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Birthday Sleepover or Slumber Party Guide

Sleepover or slumber party is very special among teenagers and kids. And hosting a sleepover party on birthday is always a fun idea. It may be a campout in the backyard or a pajama party in the living room. But you will surely host a memorable night with just a little guidance from us. So, go ahead and have an enjoyable and fantastic sleepover party.
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Sleepover / Slumber Party Invitation Ideas

Start by sending invitations to your friends for the slumber party. These invitations are very easy to send. You can either buy or make them yourself. Pictures of sleeping bags, flashlights, pajamas, fuzzy slippers, etc. are cool for invitations. And if you choose to make your own invitations, then here are some ideas for you to consider.

  • Take some clean and white pillowcases and print your party details in large block letters on them. Send them to your friends in manila envelopes.
  • You can also mail your invitations along with small teddy bears or stuffed animals for your guest. So that your guest could bring them along to the slumber party.
  • Take a card style invitation, punch a hole at a corner of the card and attach a toothbrush and small toothpaste to it by the help of string or something. So that your guest could bring these items to your party.
  • Do you want to give your invitations a mysterious style? Then write your party details on a piece of construction paper. Clean all the soda pop bottles you have. Roll the paper and slip them inside the soda pop bottles. Deliver them to your guests by your own hands.

Decorations Ideas:

Slumber party needs very little decoration. If you like to add some extra flavor to it then here are some ideas which you can consider.

  • You can drape streamers along the wall where you are having your party. You should hang long streamers on the main entrance like a curtain. This decoration will certainly look nice for a slumber party.
  • Decorate the ceiling with stars that glow in the dark. Guests will love to see them when they will slowly appear in the dark.
  • Have plenty of extra pillows and sleeping bags and blankets in the party area. Your guests can use it as lounge before they opt to sleep.
  • You can make sitting arrangements around a music player. You should also have some good music and dance CDs, so that your guest could dance, lip sync, and do karaoke with them.
  • For extra spice hang twinkle lights of different colors in the party room.

Slumber Party Game Ideas:

To host a successful slumber party, party games play a very essential role. So here are some party game ideas for you, which you can play on your sleepover party.

Truth or Dare Game: to begin the game sit in a circle, then the first player starts by asking player two "Truth or Dare?". If the player two chooses "Truth" then the player one will ask him/her a question which he or she has to answer. And if the player two chooses "Dare" then the player one would give him/her a task which he or she have to perform. When the player two has performed any one of them, he will take player one’s place and asks "Truth or Dare?" to another player, and the game proceeds as before.

Spin a Nail Color Game: For this game you have to have bright and bold nail polish colors. Variations of colors are must for this game. Put all the bottles of nail colors in basket and tell the party girls to sit in a circle around it. One person would choose a nail color bottle and lay it on side and spin it around. When the polish stops spinning, the girl to whom the cap is pointing has to paint one of her nails with that nail color. When she is done, she would choose another nail color and do the same thing as before. The idea is to put on color as much as you can.

Candy Hunt Game: Ask your guest to bring flashlight along with them to the sleepover party. And before they arrive ask your parent or sibling to hide candy in different places of the yard. And when it gets dark outside then ask your guest to take their respective flashlight outside and hunt for the candy.

Above all, parties are held for having fun, so on this birthday get yourself a fun filled memory that you treasure all your life. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!