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Game Ideas for Birthday

Make your Birthday an event to remember. Plan some games for everyone in the Birthday Party. Put your thinking cap on to pick and choose the game idea from the compilation of the game ideas here.
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Birthday Game Ideas

It’s your birthday, and you want to make it a remembrance event for your friends and relatives in a unique way. Birthday is not only a childhood celebration, but it is also a celebration that we celebrate as we grow old. Every celebration has its own way to celebrate, likewise celebrating birthday without birthday party game is something that cannot be imagine.   A birthday party can be of great success with the help of the birthday party games. These games will keep your guest busy and entertained. Here are some very simple but entertaining game ideas that we you like you to consider. And if you like them, then please feel free to refer them to your friends and near ones.

Musical Chair:

This is one game that people of all ages can participate. This is one game which everyone will really love to play. Arrange some chairs according to the contestant. Keep one chair short to the count of the contestants. Then play some music and the contestants will move around the chairs. And as the music stops each contestants have to grab a chair that is near to him or her and sit down. One player who will remain standing has to leave the game. Likewise every time a chair will get short to the count of the contestants. At last one who will be sitting will be declared winner.

Talent Hunt:

This birthday you can organize a talent hunt for the kids present in the party. As this will help the kids to bring out their hidden talents. Kids can perform whatever they feel like and appoint a person from your guest to be judge. Who will judge the kids according to their talents and decide for the most talented kid. Try to present gifts to all the kids as a token of appreciation for their efforts. This will make them happy.


This is one of the classic birthday games. For this game you will need a paper bag or some kind of other container in which you can put candies and other small goodies. Now you have to hang the paper bag or the container in such a height that every kid can reach it. When this is done get all the kids blindfolded and give them a stick so that they could break the container to get the goodies. This game should always be played under parent supervision. You can also decorate the container according to the birthday party theme.


This is a very interesting game to play. For this you need two teams with equal members, a host, a bowl and some paper slips. In the paper slips write down something which will be enact by the members of the each team’s. When this is done the host will call for a member from one of the team and he will be handover a slip. Now the person has to enact to his or her team members whatever is written on the slip. The members of his or her team have to identify what he or she enacting. If the members guess correct wins, if don’t losses. This will go on for both the team. At the end, the team with maximum guesses wins.