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Making of Home Made Bubble Bath

Home Made Bubble Bath

Bubble bath

Turn all those half empty bottles of shampoo into bubble bath for your Mom, your friend or yourself! If unscented shampoo is used you can experiment by adding scent and color.

You need:

  1. Bubble Bath Recipe (that would include bath salts, perfume, liquid soap and all the other ingredients used, which you could easily find at your nearby store)
  2. Label (printed on the bottle where you would store the solution)
  3. Markers to write on the label
  4. Contact Paper (or a transparent sheet of paper to keep the label dry when you carry it to the wash room)
  5. Heart shaped Bottles
  6. Measuring Cup or Funnel.


Use recipe to mix bubble bath. Use measuring cup or funnel to pour into decorative bottle. Cap bottle and wipe dry. Print label. Use markers to design your own label on the blank provided or use one of our designs. Cut out label. Place on bottle. Cut a piece of contact paper using the pattern provided. Place over label to keep it dry.