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Potato Prints

Potato Prints

potato prints

You need:

1) Large potato, cut into half 
2) Knife for cutting shape 
3) Pencil
4) Paper 
5) Acrylic paints or different colored ink stamp pads. 


1. After cutting the potato into half, pat it dry with a paper towel. 

2. Draw an outline of a shape on the cut surface of the potato using a pencil. Simple shapes work best. 

3. Carefully cut away the area outside your shape. Cut around the shape and then out to the sides so that the pieces come out, and cut down about 1 inch. 

4. Pat the surface of the potato dry. Put some paint into a plate, and dip the potato shape into it.

5. You can also press the shape into a colored stamp pad. 

6. Press the potato gently straight down onto the paper, then lift it straight up, so that the colour does not smudge.