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Tiger Wooden Spoon Craft

Making of a Tiger Wooden Spoon Craft

Tiger Wooden Spoon Craft

You will need:
Wooden spoon
Orange and black paint
Wiggle eyes 
Orange craft foam
Black button
Black ribbon
1 orange and 1 black pipe cleaner


1.First we have to take a wooden spoon and then paint it orange color, leave to dry. After the paint has dried up, add black stripes, getting help from our guide. 

2.Take orange craft foam and cut two ears . Glue to the bowl of the spoon. Glue on the eyes then cut two small pieces of ribbon as the whiskers. Glue these on and add a button for the nose.

4.Take 1 orange and 1 black pipecleaner. Cut the pipecleaner in half and twist together. Then twist on to the handle of the spoon.