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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents of Kids

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun-filled festival, and kids enjoy to their heart’s content on this wonderful day. However, a small mishap can spoil your day’s celebration. Hence, we strongly advise that you follow these safety tips, to have a happy and safe Halloween.

Keep Halloween Costumes and Safe

  • Make sure that the costumes you choose are anti allergic and safe for your kid. Avoid any material that may be toxic. Use clothes only from reputed manufacturer. Same goes for face and body paints.

  • They should be flame resistant - capes, wigs, beards, masks, and hats.

  • Try and avoid masks for children, as they obstruct vision and may lead to accidents. They may also force to breathe in unhealthy smells.

  • However, if you choose to use a mask or child is begging for one.... they should be made with soft, comfortable material and allow for a full field of vision. This may be achieved by making large eye holes. Also make sure they have good holes for the nostrils.

  • For footwear, wearing sneakers for trick-or-treating may be the best option.

  • Swords, knives, wands, etc. should have no sharp edges or points and preferably made with foam or cardboard.

Halloween Candy Safety

  • Children should be taught never to eat the candy they've received until you have carefully inspected it.

  • It's best to throw away unwrapped candy, homemade items and fruit.

  • Keep small candies from children under the age of five, to avoid choking hazards.

Injuries and Accidents

  • When participating in the frenzied quest for candy kids can get injured. Most parents provide flashlights to avoid auto injuries but less serious accidents can also occur due to falling. Make sure your child's costume is the correct length to avoid tripping.

  • Add a flashlight with new batteries (or fully charged) to your child’d check list for trick or treating. Not only will a flashlight let drivers see your child but it will improve your child's visibility.

  • Instruct your children to walk on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and well lit streets only and they should also travel in groups. Attach a few strips of reflective tape to costumes.

Stranger Danger

  • This is a real danger, which we blissfully forget to pay attention.

  • Abuses are common in trick or treating, and so Kids should be told to visit only those homes they know from before.

  • Abduction is an also ugly reality, but as parents we must take precautions to ensure the safety of our children. Never let a child trick-or-treat alone. Adults or older children should always be supervising. The bigger the group, the better.

  • You can also make rules like only to visit known people, to stay in the neighborhood, and to visit only Halloween decorated homes.