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Costume Ideas for Halloween

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Great Halloween Costume ideas ! Right for this Halloween !

There are no death of costume ideas for Halloween. For a price, you can even have one made for yourself. But why not create your own Halloween costume? Other than being inexpensive, it will also go a long way to show your creativity. Try out any of the following simple, but effective costume ideas given below. If you like the page, click here to refer it to your friends ! Enjoy!

Simple Costume Ideas -

Robot : This makes a classic Halloween costume. Grab a big cardboard box and make holes on its walls for arms and legs. Take a box of suitable size for making the head. Glue pie plates to the front for headlights. Light sticks for antennae and place it on the top of the head-box. Use silver paint or aluminum foil to decorate.

Spider : Take out your black leotard and tights. Get three pairs of black panty hose stuffed with old nylons. Stick stuffed hose to the waist of your leotard. Make a stocking your cap. Use black pipe cleaners for antennae.

Jack-in-the-box : Once more, lay your hands on the old and loyal Halloween party hit: Cardboard box! Have slinky toys for arms. Make a Stocking cap. Box can be held in place with suspenders. Decorate as desired.

Mummy : A huge hit and one of the all-time favourites. Jell your hair and pull it away from face. Use white makeup on face. Use strips of muslin to wrap around entire body. Now, even your mummy will be frightened to see you.

Television : Cardboard box once 'gain. Make a large rectangular hole; use gelatin paper to cover hole. Hold flashlight inside. Use light sticks for TV antennae. Stand out among your friends.

Skeleton : A terrific Halloween smash. Black leotard and tights once more. Use white tape or chalk for ribs and bones. Apply white makeup on face with black eyes.

Money tree : Grab a green sweatsuit. Glue fake money (monopoly) to body. Now...don't you think you have a "valuable" costume in your kitty?

Tourist : A simple one. All it needs is a colorful wild shirt and shorts. Hang several old cameras around your neck. Wear sunglasses and hat.

Skin diver : Wet suit or grey track suit is required. Put on dark goggle. Wear Swim flippers (cut off bottom and place over top of shoes). Take in your hands a bucket with plastic fish. A sure hit!