Indian Republic Day
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Indian Republic Day Quiz

A compilation of Quiz questions on the Indian Republic Day is displayed. It would for sure assist you to tickle your brain. Attempt and answer correctly at your first attempt to see the increasing score card. Have a nice time ahead on the Indian Republic Day.
Answer the questions below:
correct on first try
  1. Which of these awards is presented during the Republic Day parade?

  2. Who takes the military salute during the parade on Republic Day?

  3. How many colours have Indian National Flag?

  4. Indian Republic Day Quiz When was first Republic Day celebrated?

  5. Who was the president of India on first Republic Day?

  6. The Republic Day parade starts from ....

  7. Who is popularly known as 'Father of Indian Constitution'?

  8. From which Constitution was the Concept of a Five Year Plan borrowed into the Indian Constitution?

  9. How many Force take part in the procession on Republic Day?

  10. Indian Constitutions consist of how many articles and schedules?

  11. Who wrote national anthem?

  12. When did the constitution of India come into the force?



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