Indian Republic Day
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Songs for Indian Republic Day

The most significant and momentous occasion among the three National Holidays of India is definitely the Republic Day. To become a totally monarch, egalitarian and republic nation, India had enforced its constitution long back on 26th January, 1950. The importance of the particular day is obviously immense as it commemorates the brave Indian freedom fighters and of course their hard fought battle for independence. Celebrated with grand events and programs, the day is special to all Indians as all of them get an opportunity to recollect the old memories. Love towards the Nation and the patriotic feelings are demonstrated passionately with show and pomp on this finicky occasion. Regional celebrations continue as well along with the Indian flag hoisting with pride and different kinds of cultural events.

The grand celebration that takes place in the capital of India, Delhi, is witnessed by the whole nation. A massive parade on that day starts from the place of the Indian president and runs to the Red Fort in the Walled City of Old Delhi. Countless numbers of Inhabitants salute their Nation watching the procession standing at the roadside. It’s a day for the Indians to remember freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for the Nation and its citizens. Whole Nation and its citizens enjoy the melodious tunes of a variety of patriotic songs which are played at various known and unknown corners of the entire Nation on this day. Radio and Television channels revel in the glory of Nationalism by playing patriotic songs as well. In order to celebrate the day with a bright and lively spirit, we have collected few popular patriotic songs which you can take a look at.

Indian Republic Day Patriotic Songs

Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon
To pay tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who died in the Sino-Indian war, this special patriotic song was written. The voice of great and leading Indian Singer, Lata Mangeshwar, has given the song the required melodious touch. She could elevate the true Indian spirit through this song.

Vande Mataram
“Vande Mataram”, the immensely popular National Song of India, written and composed by great Bengali litterateur, Shri Bankim Chandra Chattapadhyay, has a blending of both Bengali and Sanskrit words. This is the charm of the song.

Saare Jahaan Se Achha
The Urdu Poet, Muhammad Iqbal, had written this song in the Ghazal style. But, it crossed that barrier of language and any particular style of singing. It became the Anthem during the British period for the opposition. It’s noteworthy that a very old song like “Saare Jahaan Se Achha” is still sung by many in India with the desired devotional spirit and requisite vigour. People of India know this song as “Tarana-e-Hindi” or “Anthen of the people of Hindustan”.

Aye Mere Pyare Watan
Sung by one of the greatest Indian Singers, Manna Dey, this particular song was taken from the Hindi movie “Kabuliwala”. The patriotic tune of this finicky song and its well-thought-out language recall those Indians who are staying away from India for many years.

Ae Watan Ae Watan Humko Teri Kasam
This patriotic song forces us to revisit the ancient pre-Independence era. Written and composed by Prem Dhawan, this song recollects the sad and gloomy memories of those people who had sacrificed their lives for millions of other Indian citizens.

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