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Queen of Feast

The Mother's Day dinner is an event that possibly forms the best part, for every mother and her kid(s). But it is also the hardest part, for mom is the queen of Mother's Day and it is tough to make her feel like the queen of the Mother's Day feast, given that she is the one who serves you all year long. So make use of these assistive steps that will help you throw an exclusive Mother's Day dinner party in your mom's honor make her the queen of the day. From helping you create the right ambience for the feast to lay the table accordingly and cook the right dishes for your mom, the instructions are all there for your benefit. If you find this article useful, click here and share it with your friends and loved ones. Happy Mother's Day!

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Make Mom the Queen of Feast

Neither great expenses, nor a great deal of effort. All you need is proper planning, and a good taste,with a creative bent of mind, and a heart to make your mom the quuen of feast. Let us help you out...

I. First of all, you have to place a standing card in the spot where mom is supposed to sit. Here is how you should create such a card:

You need:
1) Plain poster board.
2) Patterned cord.
3) Tracing paper.
4) Craft knife.
5) A sharp pencil.
6) Glue.
7) A pair of scissors.
8) Plain card.

1) Cut a 20x10 cm(8 x 4 inches) shape out of the poster board.
2) Trace the poster board cut-out onto the tracing paper. Shade the area beneath the tracing with the soft pencil you have.
3) Mark a fold across the center of the card and a 2.5 cm/1 inch fold at each end of the strip.
4) Score the folds slightly with a craft knife, taking care that you do not cut through the poster board.
5) Place the shaded side of the tracing paper down on the centre of the opposite side of one half of the patterned card. Draw the outline of the design on the card with the sharp pencil.
6) Place the card on a hard surface and cut out the design drawn on it using the craft knife.
7) Push the cut-out area from the right side of the card, not from the back. Take care to push out any intricate designs carefully.
8) Cut a strip [dimensions: 9.5 x 7 cm (3-3/4 inches x 2-3/4 inches)] out of the plain card.
9) Glue the plain card behind the cut-out area on the patterned card.
10) Write your mom's name on it. You have made a standing card all by yourself!

II. Lay out the napkin artistically. You can imitate this exqusite fan design for your napkin. All you need is:

1) A well ironed, starched fabric napkin (of any shade).
2) A napkin ring/ribbon.

Follow these steps:
1) Fold up the edge closest to you and meet it with the top edge of the fabric.
2) Turn around the napkin so that the folded edge is on your right.
3) Starting with the edge closest to you, make accordion type pleats of similar size all the way up to the top of the napkin.
4) Tuck the napkin into the ring. You can also tie it with a ribbon or cord and spread out the pleats.
5) Lay the stylish napkin at the center of the plate as in the diagram alongside.

III. Wrap the flatware with a separate napkin. Tie them up in a bow.

IV. Place a bowl of floating candles to add a beautiful glow to the ambience and contribute to its charm. Float some rose buds for added effect.

V. Some flowers are highly necessary for the dinner table. Mother's Day is traditionally celebrated with flowers. So you must buy a bouquet of lovely, fresh flowers for the occasion.

VI. Buy some readymade glittering stars and shimmering silver moons and hang them over the spot where mom is supposed to sit. These will add a glittering effect to the setting.

VII. Make some deliciously special in honor of the queen and give her a treat. Cook up a storm using the recipes provided here . Choose some easy to do, low calorie items for her.

VIII. Make her the queen of the dinner. Greet her on the table with a kiss, a beautiful handmade gift and a Mother's Day greeting card.

IX. Keep a camera handy to capture those memorable moments of the feast.

NOTE: Remember, the laying of the table plays an important role as is played by the food to be served. Choose the linen in a way that the shade and the design add to the glamour of the occasion.