Valentine's Day Crafts

Planning to present some fabulous gifts to your loved ones on this Valentine's Eve? Why not make some crafts for them at home and use them to give as gifts for Valentine's Day? Here we have brought for you some craft ideas to help you make some cool Valentine's Day crafts. Scroll down and check out these step-by-step instructions and start making splendid Valentine's Day Crafts for those you love. If you like these craft ideas, don't forget to click here and refer this page to your friends. Happy Valentine's Day!

Heart Frames

Materials Required:

1) Cardboard
2) Paint
3) Glue
4) Heart-shaped candies (Sweethearts)
5) Photo
6) Tape.

Heart Frames kid crafts
1) Cut a heart shape out of the cardboard. The size of the heart depends on the size of the photo you are using. Make a large opening in the center of the heart frame to display the photo you intend to use.

2) Paint your heart shape in red or any colour you wish. Set aside to dry.

3) Once the paint dries, glue the heart-shaped candies all over the heart frame. Set aside to dry again.

4) When the glue dries, tape the picture in the opening you cut in the center of the heart cutout.

5) Cut a small triangular piece out of the cardboard and fold a part of its top as well as base. Then attach the folded upper part of the triangle behind the picture to make a stand. You can also add a strip of magnet to the back.

Heart Art

Materials Required:

1) Small piece of wood,
2) Acrylic paint and brushes,
3) Sandpaper,
4) Eight cut nails,
5) Hammer,
6) Flexible wire,
7) Ball chain,
8) Pencil,
9) Old magazines or newspaper,
10) Glue


1) Using the brush, paint the wood piece on the front and sides. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. If desired, rub the painted surface with sandpaper to create an antique look.

2) With the pencil, draw a heart shape on the wood. Next, hammer the nails halfway into the wood, placing them at equal distances along the heart outline.

3) Wrap and twist lengths of wire and fasten the ball chain around the nails. If you want, you can also decorate the design with a wire arrow.

4) To add more fun, add a Valentine's message. You can create this message cutting letters from the magazines or newspaper and pasting them on a piece of paper.

Hugs & Kisses Jar

Materials Required:

1) Acrylic paints (of pink and red colour)
2) Decorative Jar with lid (cork or screw)

For Baking Dough:

hugs and kisses jar crafts for kids 1) Flour - 3 1/2 cups
2) Salt - 1 cup
3) Water - 1 1/2 to 2 cups


1) Mix your dry dough ingredients with a small amount of water. See that the dough is moist but not sticky. Knead the dough until it is a soft smooth ball.

2) Roll out your dough. Cut 3- 4 hearts out of the dough using a sharp knife or a heart shaped cookie cutter. Make sure that the heart-shaped doughs are small enough to fit into your Jar bottle.

3) Set the heart doughs down onto a lined baking tray. Cut out some X's for Kisses. You can make a long roll of dough and cut it into lengths to form a cross.

4) Lay these onto the baking tray. Place the tray into a pre- heated oven (around 200'C) until the shapes are hard and golden.

5) Allow the shapes to cool. Then, paint them using the acrylic paints, preferably pink for the hearts and red for the kisses.

6) When the paint dries, place them into the jar and fasten the lid. Attach with a big bow of ribbon around the lid a small gift card saying: "Love and Kisses".

Heart Basket

Materials Required:

1) Clear Acetate
2) Cardstock (of white or any other colour)
3) Ribbon
4) Hole Punch
5) A pair of scissors (decorative edged or normal)


1) Place a piece of clear acetate on top of the cardstock. Keep the two papers together.

2) Cut out a heart shape using scissors. Keep both hearts together firmly using a hole punch. Also punch holes around the outer edge of the heart shapes.

3) Cut a long ribbon piece, fold it in half and run it through the holes until both ends meet at the top.

4) Fill the hearts with valentine candies. Tie the top of the heart passing a ribbon through the holes you have made at the top.

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