Valentine’s Day Game Ideas

Come February 14 and it's the time to celebrate - what else but Valentine’s day? Originally observed to commemorate the death of Saint Valentine, a Roman Bishop, Valentine’s Day used to be a day only for all those who were in love. But today, Valentine’s Day is for everyone! It's the time to hold special Valentine’s Day parties, decorate the home with heart shaped adornments and love bears, eat Valentine’s Day cakes and what not? To add to your fun, here we have for you some cool Valentine’s Day Game ideas. These games are perfect for a Valentine’s Day party, be at the classroom or at home.

Scroll down and check these out! If you like them, play them. In case you want to share our Valentine’s Day Game ideas with your pals, just click here and send this page to them. Have a grand Valentine’s Day celebration with everyone!

Cupid's Treasure Hunt

Materials needed:
1) Tree branch
2) Jar
3) Marbles or stones
4) Paper
5) Small gifts
6) String

Steps to Play:
1) Set up a Valentine's tree centerpiece on the table of your dining room ; Fill a jar with marbles or stones. Get a small bare branch and push one of its ends into the marble-filled jar. See that it stands upright.

2) Hide different items like candy boxes, heart shapes or paper flowers in different spots of your home. Write clues on small pieces of paper indicating the items that your pals must find. Scatter the paper clues all around the centerpiece. Your pals must unravel the clues and find the items. Make as many clues as the number of pals you plan to invite.

3) When your pals come back with the last item, have small gifts waiting for each of them.

Steal My Heart

Materials needed:
1) A bowl of candy hearts
2) Chopsticks

Steps to Play:
1) First, place a bowl of candy hearts on a table or any flat surface. Hand each of your friends a pair of chopsticks.

2) Set a timer for about 2 - 5 minutes, depending on the ages of your players/friends. If your players are of very young age(5-6 yeats old) set the time limit to 5 mins. If your players are older, set the timer to 3 mins.

3) Assemble all the players round the table with the bowl. Look at the timer and as you say "Go," everyone playing should start removing the candy hearts from the bowl, all at once, using only their chopsticks and placing the candies in front of them. When time is up, the player with the most hearts wins.

Pin The Heart On Cupid

Materials needed:
1) A big poster of Cupid
2) A red heart, for each player, with adhesive on back and their name on the front.
3) A short, narrow cloth strip

Steps to Play:
1) Blindfold the player with the cloth strip

2) Then, spin them around and let them try to stick the heart where it's supposed to go. Give a prize to the player who can stick the heart at the perfect spot or sticks the closest.

Musical Valentine Hearts

Materials needed:
1) Heavy construction paper
2) A music player

Steps to Play:
1) This game is similar to musical chairs; only instead of chairs you have to cut out huge red hearts out of heavy construction paper and place them in a circle, one heart for each player/pal.

2) Have each player draw pictures and write poems on their heart piece and also sign their names on it.
Place each heart shape on the ground in a circular arrangement with the pointy end pointing out. Ask each of your players to stand right in front of the pointy end (make sure the hearts form a circle).

3) When the music starts to play, your players should start walking around the circle of hearts. Now, stop the music all of a sudden. All those standing right in front of the nearest heart at the pointy end (when the music stops) are to be declared "OUT". Also, if any of the players step on the heart or push or shove other kids, he or she is to be disqualified.

Note: Take away one heart each time the music stops. The last child to stay in the game wins the first prize. Also, the child whose name was written on the very last heart also wins a prize for 2nd place (for having a lucky heart).