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Once upon a time, there was a young lion. He lived in the forests of Vrindavan. All the animals of Vrindavan were afraid of the lion as he was a fierce beast.

Nobody dared go near the lion. "Never get in the way of that lion," the monkeys would instruct their young ones. "Get inside the cave, children, it's time for the lion to go for his evening stroll," the bears would warn their cubs. Actually, the lion only looked fierce, in reality he was very gentle and hearts

When the lion reached a marriageable age, he decided to look for a suitable match. Within a few days, he arranged his marriage to a beautiful lioness. After consulting the priests, an auspicious date was set. The lion wanted to invite all the animals of Vrindavan. "Maybe this way I can make realize that I am not all that bad," thought the lion.

So, the lion went through the forest, inviting all the animals he met. "You must come to my wedding, dear elephant," said the lion,” to blow the trumpet!" "Y... Ye... sassier! D....D....definitely!" said the elephant. Then lion said to the monkey,” You are good dancer, dear friend! You must come to my weeding to entertain the gathering!" The monkey nodded and leapt away. lion's wedding"Please collect some fresh honey for the rituals, dear bear!" said the lion. "Sure...." said the bear, avoiding the lion's gaze. In this way, the lion invited the crow, the cat, the elephant, the fox, the jackal, the monkey, the bear, the camel and the giraffe. But on the day of the wedding, none of the guests arrived at the venue. The lion was very sad.

Later one day, the bear asked the elephant,” Why didn't you go to the lion's wedding?" The elephant replied, "I am strong, but I still fear the lion." Then he asked the bear, "Why didn't you go there, friend?" "I couldn't collect sufficient honey! The lion would have been upset and may have even killed me," replied the bear. The monkey said that," I am so afraid of the lion that I may not have been able to dance." "True it is, friends!" said the wise crow, "We can't share our happiness with someone we are afraid of!" Thus, all because of the needless fear the animals felt, no one attended the gentle lion's wedding. If only they knew- don't judge a book by its cover.