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One day, a traveller was passing through a desert. After walking for a few miles, he felt tried, hungry and thirsty. "How I wish I could rest for a while under a tree!" he thought.

Suddenly, he saw a tree in front of him! He was surprised as he was in a desert, and just a few seconds ago there was no trace of even a bush. But, at the same time he felt glad that he had a place to rest for a while. As the traveller sat under the tree, he thought, "How I wish I had water to drink!"

Just then he found a tumbler full of cold water kept on a stone in front of him. "Ah!" said the surprised traveller, and guzzled the water.

After a few minutes, the traveller thought, "How I wish I had something to eat!" In an instant, a variety of delicious food appeared before him. The traveller ate as much as he could.

All that food made him wish for a bed and he got one too! Stretching himself comfortably of the soft mattress, the traveller thought," I wish I had someone to massage my feet."

Instantly, a young woman appeared and started massaging his feet and legs. Tried as he was, the traveller soon fell fast asleep. Actually, he was under the shade of 'Kalpa Vriksha', a magical tree. Whoever was under it could have whatever he wished for!

wishing treeAfter a long nap when the traveller woke up, he saw the woman still sitting beside his feet. Now the traveller began to think," I am sure this is a magical part of the desert. Otherwise, how can things appear out of nowhere?" He wondered," Could there be a demon around too?"

Suddenly, a demon appeared. The traveller was filled with fear! "A... A... Are you going to eat me up?" he asked the demon. "Yes! Get ready!" replied the demon, pouncing on the traveller. The frightened traveller took to his heels and ran away, thinking, "How I wish this demon disappears!"

Suddenly, when he turned around, there was no demon. "What is all this?" thought the traveller, puzzled. "Was this all a dream? Perhaps, the Almighty grants us all our thoughts in the desert. I must be careful of what I think!" thought the traveller and went on his way.