Panchatantra Stories

The Jackal and The Arrow - A Panchatantra Story

(Greed never pays)

The Jackal and The Arrow

The jackal and the arrow

Once a hunter was hunting in a forest. After sometime, he felt hungry. He saw a wild boar coming towards him. He shot an arrow at the boar. The arrow pierced the boar's neck and protruded at its back.

But the boar, before falling on the ground, killed the hunter with his pointed tusks. Soon the hunter and the boar both were lying dead at the same spot.

At the same time, a hungry jackal happened to pass through that place. He saw a man and an animal, both lying dead there. 'What a good luck I have? So much food to eat for days together', thought the jackal to himself. He began to think whose flesh to eat first – the man or the animal.

He decided to go slow at the eating, so that the food would last for a longer period.

The jackal decided first to lick the blood and eat a little flesh stuck round the tusks of the boar. But, as soon as, he put the pointed tip of the boar’s tusks in his mouth it pierced his jaws and went through his head. The jackal died on the spot.