Did you know 'Aloha', 'konnichi wa' or 'Guten tag' are all terms of hello in Hawaiian, Japanese and German respectively. Read on to empower your knowledge on various foreign terms to say 'hello', and see your friend circle grow in members and globally too!
greetings in various languages


Azerbaijani  Axsaminiz xeyir
Albanian Mirëmbrëma
Aragonese Buena nuei
Afrikaans Goeienaand
Breton Nozvezh vat
German Guten Abend
Greek Kalespéra
Greenlandic Inuugujaq
Haitian Creole Bonswa
Hebrew erev tov
Hungarian Jó estét
Indonesian  Selamat malam
Italian Buona sera
Japanese konbanwa
Korean  annyeonghashimnikka
Latvian Labvakar
Macedonian Dobra vecer
Malay Selamat malam
Mauritian Creole Bonswar
Norwegian God kveld
Portuguese Boa tarde
Romanian Buna seara
Scots Guid forenicht, Guid eenin
Sicilian Bona sira
Spanish Buenas tardes
Swedish God kväll
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