Parents' Day

Parents' Day Around The World

If someone throws a question to you that who’s that person to whom you show honour and respect and you will also honour them till your last breath, then probably the name you would say would not be anyone among your parents. Is it surprising? It’s not really. Actually, parents are those who hold a paramount place in the hearts of the children for their entire life. It’s needless to mention their names if someone asks a question like that. Isn’t it?

The child who is blessed by both his/her father and mother is considered lucky and fortunate. Right from the time you have started seeing the bright light of the world, your parents have led and guided you to overcome every obstacle of your life by providing the much needed support and love. The sacrifices that all the parents show for their children since time immemorial can’t be compared with anything in the world. At some point of time, the children become successful and can stand on their own feet, thanks to the dedications and bravery of their parents. The upbringing of a child with utmost interest and passion actually matters a lot. Love and affection towards their children would never end. These things don’t depend on the ages of the children ever. Parents are the angels, sent by the almighty. They have been offered the responsibility of nourishing and nurturing little buds from the word go. You can definitely acknowledge and reciprocate love towards your parents on any given day to be honest. But, for giving all the children a fitting platform to show their gratefulness towards their loving parents, the Parents’ Day actually came into picture. This occasion is celebrated all over the world. But, it’s not celebrated everywhere on the same day.

Parents’ Day Celebrations all over the world

USA Flag and MapUSA: To support and recognize the efforts of parents in upbringing their children, the Parents’ Day had began in USA, thanks to the initiative of Bill Clinton, the president of United States of that time. Parents’ Day actually gives an opportunity to the parents, their children and all the family members to congregate at one place for celebrations. National Parents’ Day is the important occasion for all the children of the United States to pay tribute and show their love towards their parents. It’s a rare opportunity for them to grasp. Apart from organizing an eventful party and arrange some lovely activities, the children get the much required chance to gift cards and flowers to their parents.

South Korea Flag and MapSouth Korea: 5th May is the Children’s day and 8th May is the Parents’ Day in South Korea. Therefore, it’s a very special month in South Korea. Actually celebrated as Mother’s Day, 8th May, gives the opportunity to the large mass of Korea to show respect and commemorate the efforts of their parents. Carnations and flowers are given to their parents as tokens of appreciation. A quality time is spent together for conveying a message of love and expressing gratitude to the parents.

Vietnam Flag and MapVietnam: Vietnam has a unique day which is known as the Parents’ Day. Children grab the opportunity with both hands on 7th July every year to shower love on their parents. It’s a day to showcase how special parents are to their own children. Parents and children relish the time as they assemble at a place for partaking in different lovely activities. It’s a time to be happy and blissful. Parents are given a much needed break from their daily chores. They get the opportunity to go out for the lunch and dinner along with their children. This is the chance parents of the country wait for. It’s, however, not a National Holiday in Vietnam but it’s a time for the Vietnamese to gift flowers and cards to parents.

The Parents’ Day is celebrated to recall the sacrifices and compromises of the parents. The date of the Parents’ Day, nevertheless, is different in different countries but motives and purpose of celebrating the day is the same all over the world.