Parents' Day

Parents' Day Wishes

Parents’ Day gives you a chance to wish your lovely parents a very Happy Parents’ Day with all your love and affection. We rarely get that opportunity. Isn’t it? We all are running a rat race, we don’t even have time to look at each other’s face and ask “how are you?” This competitive life has truly deprived us. We seldom get chance to convey the message that our parents are the world to us. To enjoy life, at times, it’s necessary to break away from the mundane schedules and break the shackles. Express your feelings for your parents. To help your parents realize how special they are to you, you have to walk an extra mile and tell them you do care about them. This section is dedicated to assist you to know about the Parents’ Day wishes. This is the relationship that really matters a lot in life.
Wishes for Parents on Parent's Day

Roots and wings are always handed over by parents to their children. Roots help children to find their homes where as wings assist in taking flight to exercise what has been taught. It’s time to wish a very happy and prosperous Parents’ Day to you.

You never have told me directly to stay beside you always. Your activities and dedication to me have helped me realize the fact that how important I am to you and how badly you want me to stay alongside you. Thank you for your love and affection. A very happy and blissful Parents’ Day to you.

I am grateful to you for everything you both have offered me. You both deserve a hug and kiss every day. Day in and day out you have worked hard to feed me and let me realize I am secured. Thanks a lot for all that you did to me. Please keep smiling forever, especially on this Parents’ day.

When I was down, you have given me wings. I could fly high. Now that, I understand you, I realize the importance of you two in my life even more. I wish I can stay alongside you forever and help you in each trivial matter.  On this auspicious occasion of Parents’ Day, let me once again wish you a very happy Parents’ Day.

Once upon a time, we wished all together to stay in touch forever. Angels came down to make our wishes come true. Our love will definitely not fade away in one lifetime. I want to see you both as my parents in my next birth as well. Mother and father, it’s really not at all very tough to say that I love you a lot.

Your arms were always wide open for me when I needed a hug. You always know when I need you and irrespective of my needs and wants you both are always right beside me. When I needed guidance, your watchful eyes have shown the right track I needed to walk through. You both mean the world to me. Let me wish you a very happy and blissful Parents’ day.

You have always been there for me in ups and downs of life. I laughed and I cried, irrespective of the situation, I have found both of you right beside me. It’s a treat really to spend time with you. I have never said these before but now I am saying it to you that I love you a lot. I hope you enjoy the Parents’ day every year. However, when you are around, every other day is a Parents’ Day for me.

There have to be many similarities and differences in a relationship. It’s important to accept dissimilarities, as well as similarities. You did exactly that. You had shown respect in my decisions and if I was wrong, then you always have pointed the reason why you feel that way. Nothing has been imposed on me ever. Thanks a million for everything you both have given to me. Happy parents’ Day.

Now that you have read the messages for your parents, feel free to let them know how special they are to you and let them know that you respect them for whom they are.

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