Parents' Day

Parents' Day Quiz

The precious gifts from the almighty to the kids are their parents. Since the childhood days, they help adolescents to select the right track to walk through. They teach their children to take decisions of life as well. Hence, the important of parents as guides is immense. To show respect to the parents, a collection of quiz questions are given for you all to partake. These quiz questions would assist you to know more about the Parents’ Day celebration around the world.

Answer the questions on Parents' Day below

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  1. Who was the president of USA, when the celebration of the Parents’ Day
    was actually started?

  2. The custom of giving gifts to parents is followed on Parents’ day in which
    of this country?

  3. Parents’ day is celebrated in USA in which month?

  4. In which nation the Parents’ Day is observed as a public holiday?

  5. Parents’ Day is observed in USA since which year?