Quiz on Easter for Kids

Do you know all about Easter? Test yourself through trying this Easter Quiz for kids with your friends and family and check what you really know about Easter.

Quiz related to Easter

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1. Easter is a religious holiday that is celebrated in:

2. Easter falls on a different day each year because...

3. Jesus was crucified on...
4. Why do we call Good Friday 'Good'?
5. The first person to see the Lord Jesus alive was:

6. You can have your sins forgiven by:
7. The legend of the Easter Bunny originated in...
8. This year Easter is on:
9. On Palm S unday, Christians celebrate the day that ....
10. We have eggs at Easter because....
11. Lent is the time of ....

12. During Lent Christians remember the time Jesus spent....

13. Two other animals associated with Easter are....
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