Easter Flowers and Their Significance

Easter is a famous festival celebrated in the spring to honor the resurrection of Christ. Some flowers are the part of Easter celebrations. These flowers have been given special meanings by Christians to help them celebrate Easter. So, kids, know about the significance of the flowers used during Easter eve.

Easter Flowers


White Lily

The white lily is regarded as the traditional Easter Flower. It represents purity and serves to remind one of the divine, unblemished nature of Jesus Christ. The single flower stem arising from a bulb represents the resurrection of Christ three days after his crucifixion. Giving it to someone indicates it was a pleasure on the part of the giver to know the receiver.


Generally, all flowers of this variety are said to be the symbols of cheerfulness. Gifting a chrysanthemum on Easter is believed to bring good cheer to the reciever and indicate that he/she is a precious friend. A white chrysanthemum represents honesty or truthfulness. A yellow chrysanthemum is given if the relation between the giver and the reciever is something more than friendship as in slighted love.
Easter Flower - Daffodil


It is one of the most popular Easter flowers and holds a special significance for lovers. Gifting a daffodil to someone indicates that you hold that person as the only one in your life. It also shows that the receiver is akin to a daffodil for you and he/she is the one who has brought brightness in your days. Curiously, daffodil is also used as a symbol of unrequited love.


Daisies, with sweet fragrance of loyalty and innocence, are also of special significance for Easter celebration, as it signifies purity and placidness.


Considered a messenger of passion and love.
Other Special Easter Flowers:


take care of yourself for me; temperance; fragile; passion; chinese symbol of womanhood
Hyacinth - Comeliness.

Hyacinth (purple) - please forgive me

Hyacinth (pink or red) - play

Hyacinth (white) - i'll pray for you; loveliness

Hyacinth (yellow) - jealousy
Tulip (red) - I Love You.

Tulip (general) - Our love is perfect.

Tulip (variegated) - Your eyes are beautiful.
Begonia - beware
Chrysanthemum (general) - you're a wonderful friend; cheerfulness; rest

Chrsanthemum (white) - truth

Chrysanthemum (yellow) - slighted love
Daffodil - regard; unrequited love; you're the only one; the sun is always shining when i'm with you
Lily (white) - pure; innocent

Lily (yellow) - live for the moment

Arnations, chrysanthemum representing cheerfulness, roses – which can represent any emotion in a unique way, and hyacinth popular for its elegant aroma. crocuses, and more. begonias or hyacinths.

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