Create a Bunny Mask for Kids

Bunny Mask for Kids

Making of Bunny Mask

Wear a bunny mask for the Easter week. Even better, you can create a number of masks in different colors, and then share them with your friends for the Easter get together. It would be fun to see different colored bunnies running around.

You can also make some paper carrots to go with eh mask. So, happy Easter crafting!

You will need

Balls of Cotton or Sponge, for the bunny cheeks

Thin wooden sticks (skewers) or plastic straws, to make bunny whiskers

Colored card or think chart paper, to make the mask some small pieces of black paper and white paper, for making bunny nose and teeth.

Glue (PVS) and brush

Black Felt pen

A pair of scissors (adult supervision required)

bunny mask step 01

1> Draw and cut out a bunny face, with ears, measuring about 30 cm width and about 60 cm long, from the colored card or chart paper. Take help of an adult.
bunny mask step 02

2> Draw a large circle on the sponges, and cut them out to make bunny cheeks. Alternatively, shape the cotton for cheeks.
bunny mask step 03

3> Time to draw the mouth now. Use the felt tip pen. Also cut out a nose and a pair of teeth from the white paper.
bunny mask step 04

4> stick the cotton or sponge on the cheeks of the mask. Stick in the skewers to the straws for the whiskers. Make sure that the whiskers stays on place. Make them small if required.
bunny mask step 05

Finally, feel free to decorate your mask, using colors and your imagination. You can also write the name of your gang, for example.

A kid with bunny mask

Your Bunny Mask is ready!