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Father's Day Galore for Kids

Father's Day Matching Game

The year was 1924. The US President Calvin Coolidge declared that the third Sunday in the month of June was henceforth to be celebrated as Father's Day. And the tradition continues to this day. Celebrate this Father's Day trying out the Father's Day Matching Game, a fun-filled puzzle activity from Kidsgen. Attempt solving this fabulous Matching Game activity themed to Father's Day and making your festivities more grand. If you like trying out this cool Father's Day Matching Game and want to refer it to your pals, just click here. Have a wonderful Father's Day celebration!

Matching Game for Father's Day

Celebrate Father's Day the virtual way! Solve our awesome Father's Day Matching Game activity. The puzzle has two sets of phrases that you have to match correctly. For each correct match, you gain a point. So you get ten points if you can match all the phrases perfectly well. Have fun solving this fantastic Father's Day Matching Game Puzzle!

Father's Day Matching Game Puzzle Template:
matching game colored Template
matching game Black & White
Instructions for Printing :

1) Click on any of the templates to open it in a new window.

2) Click on the "Print" button in the new window. Alternately, you can go to the menu bar of the window and click File>Print. To get an idea of how your printout will look like, click on File>Print Preview before you take out a print.

3) Print out the template. Then close the template window to return to this screen.

4) Work out the puzzle.

NOTE: Set page margins to zero if you face problems in fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).