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Tribute to Father

Special Tributes to Dad

To Daddy with love (A special tribute)

Here's a special message on father's Day to all those special people in our lives we call our Daddy, Dad, Baba or Father. Lets honor them with all the love and respect they deserve for the efforts they have made to make our lives so fruitful. Share the feelings on this page with others by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page absolutely free.

Fathers are indeed the strength behind the upbringing of a child. "Honor your father and mother." This is the first of the Ten Commandments that ends with a promise. And this is the promise: They will always remain the most important person in the family. The Daughters adore their fathers and search for the same loving personality in the man they fall in love with. The sons are inspired by their fathers for the strength and support they receive in abundance from the fathers and father figures in their lives. They would always aspire to become someone as wonderful and humane as their fathers are. Even for the grownups fathers will remain to be looked up to for wisdom and advise that is in the best of interest. Hence it becomes our responsibility to pay their due respect and tribute on the occasion of Father's Day.

A Tribute to a Father

Thank you Dad..

"Thank you Day ", that expresses your innermost feelings of appreciation for all the guidence, patience, love and care we received in plenty from our loving Fathers, would be a beautiful way to say how fortunate and blessed we are to have him in our otherwise incomplete lives.

I'm sorry.. Dad..

One of the best times to say "I'm sorry Dad" would be now. The splendid opportunity to apologize for our actions and behavior would be Father's Day. The times when we as children, take all the love and affection of our parents for granted and hurt them with insensitivity, the affection on their part still remain unfaded. Now that we realize how significant they are in our lives, an apology should work as a balm to heal the pain they felt within their souls. In turn we are forgiven and blessed.

The opportunity of thanking step fathers on Father's Day to express gratitude shouldn't be missed out on as they have been pivotal in bringing up children who are not their biological offsprings. It is out of love and choice that they take the challenge and extra responsibilities attached to guiding and nurturing a child that isn't a very easy task. It's needless to say that a step father should be showered an equal amount of regard and respect from children under their care and guidance not only on Father's Day but on all the days of their lives. Special tribute should be given to these wonderful human beings on the Day Of the Fathers to thank them and express love and appreciation for being so wonderful and exemplenary in taking care of children who are devoid of the love and affection of their biological father. All the efforts should be made to make them feel loved and cherished forever.

Father's Day with Dad

Lets all celebrate our blessed lives with the ones who are responsible for it, our fathers. Daddies Day will be truly wonderful when we put in our best efforts to it. Children staying away from the family should take time out to spend the day with their father and show gratitude for their guidance, love and patience all their lives. Father's day is the perfect time to pamper fathers by spending the day the way he likes it the most. Special care should be taken to arrange outdoor picnics, barbecue parties or a gourmet meal at his favorite restaurant or at home in a pleasant ambience. Neckties, bouquet of his favorite flowers and other thoughtful gifts could express appreciation and love towards fathers in more ways than one on their special celebration. Last but not the least among several other ways to make the event cherished is to say "I love you Dad" .