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Father's Day Galore for Kids

Father's Day Dinner

Celebrate the Father's Day in style and with a touch of difference. Arrange for a Special Daddy's Day Dinner and do things the way they suit the occasion perfect. Get started with laying the table. Choose the linen - the shade and material, that matches the mood.

Ideas for the Dinner

napkin roll

Daddy loves it for sure.
Present the napkin cloth in a smart way.
Like, this napkin roll with decorative pockets.
here to do it yourself.

basket cake

Lay a basket cake as a Dad's Day special.
Urge your dad to take the honor of slicing it.
Click Here for the instructions to prepare one

fresh roses

Place a bowl of fresh roses,
or, an all-rose, table centerpiece.
This will highlight the theme and add
a charming effect to the whole setting.

flatware in pairs

Arrange the flatware in pairs around the main china
so the plate lies at the center.

glass bowl of candles

Fill the table with the pleasant glow of a glass bowl of candles.
Fill half the bowl with clean sand and add pretty shells
for an exquisite effect.
Click here to do it yourself.

Table for Father's Day Dinner

For an elaborate dining, have it made up of a three-course meal

Keep the first course fairly simple.
Just opt for prime quality ingredients and serve
them with style.

Serve lightly spiced curries, along with the main course.

Serve him a glass full of rich rose mousse as a dessert.
While the color and perfume of rose come in sync with the theme,
the mousse is yummy and nutritious.
We have the recipe for you, ready!

rich rose mousse

At the end make sure the set up looks gorgeous
with your dad at the hub of all activities.

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