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Father's Day Galore for Kids

Activities for Father's Day

It’s your Daddy’s Day, so make this day an eventful one. Plan out something interesting and make him bask in happiness and wonder. Check out the compiled guide provided below and make an optimum utilisation of the activities. Be sure to make him happy and present him with a memorable day, which is sure to stay forever in his memories, well framed. So what are you waiting for? Start arranging for all the requisitions and be sure to gift your Dad with a perfect well adorned and furnished day.


Boy with his father

Have a cool dad? Want to do something for him on his special day? Then look no further than They may range from activities which only you and your dad can enjoy or they could be something exciting for the whole family. The whole point of this is to make your father feel special and show that he is appreciated for everything he does. Following is a list of activities which will make sure that Dad has an unforgettable Father’s Day. Also, be sure to capture these moments on a camera/camcorder.


Camping with Father

Arrange a family picnic at your dad’s favorite spot or somewhere he’s been eager to visit. You can even save Dad the headache of the nitty-gritty if you are old enough to take responsibility. Bring along a plethora of games or sports your dad enjoys and make sure you packed his favorite delicacies for the trip. Make all the preparations necessary to gift him a day that he truly deserves.


Learning from daddy

Fathers love to teach something new to their offspring. This is a heritage which every child strives to gain. So plan and make this father’s day your gain and Dad’s pleasure. You could learn tasks which he is good at or something new all-together. It could range from small tasks like washing the car or replacing a flat tire to larger tasks which include learning to ride a bike or driving a car. Remember, Dad takes great pleasure in teaching his child from experience.


Cooking with Dad

Cooking with dad can be extremely satisfying especially if your dad is slightly profound in it. If not, you can always involve your mom and prepare a hearty meal for the whole family. Dad’s parents and close relatives can be invited. This will be more exciting and far more satisfying than having at an expensive restaurant.


organize a party

Invite your dad’s closest friends to ensure that he is surrounded by the company that comforts him the most. Prepare his favorite dishes and play music which he loves. Organize activities in which he can participate and eventually be fun for everyone. Daddy will be proud to see you managing the party as a perfect host.


Do something creative

If you’re good at writing poems, dedicate one to him. If you’re a good artist, draw something or make a craft. You could even sketch a portrait of him and gift it. If you can sing well, sing one of his favorite numbers. Alternatively, you can also buy him a card along with chocolates. Also you could grab some of his best pictures from Facebook or Instagram, print out a collage, frame it and present it.


Stroll in the park

A walk in the park on a bright and sunny day is sure to perk up your dad’s mood. Wear clothes which your dad has gifted you and accompany him. If you’re lucky, you might come across an event being held in the park which you both can enjoy. You can also take along some sports equipment and play a round or two with your dad.


pamper dad

Let your dad chill out for a day. Take him to a Men’s Club for a massage or facial or perhaps a spa. Make sure the club has a big television set so daddy doesn’t miss out on his favorite programs on his special day. This will surely give him the break he thoroughly deserves.


Shopping with dad

Shopping with dad is a great and fun-filled activity for a father-daughter duo. As the cart swings down the aisles, it creates minor havoc and, by the end of the day, this fun activity teaches an important lesson of responsibility while maintaining a touch of humor. You can even seize this opportunity to secretly buy something for your dad and present it to him later.


Museum Trip

Most museums are free on Father’s day and Grandfather’s day. So why not exploit this opportunity and visit it with your dad? There is so much to learn from museums. This will be a very knowledgeable day for both you and your dad, one that any of you are unlikely to forget soon.


Angling with Dad

Fishing with daddy on Father’s Day can be an exciting experience. Daddy will be able to flaunt his knowledge. It is an extremely enriching opportunity to learn the ways of a good angler. Simultaneously it will help to learn about the joy of fishing and the different types of fish which can be caught.

By Kinjal Sen