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Established almost a century ago, Father's Day has come to signify that special day of the year when you acknowledge the pains that your dad takes for you to help you grow up into a nice human being. Celebrate this Father's Day, trying out a wonderful quiz on the occassion. Attempt our quiz on Father's Day and find out how much you know about the holiday. If you like trying out our Father's Day Quiz, click here to pass on this page to your friends and dear ones and let them have fun too. Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day Quiz

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1. Father's Day is believed to have been first observed on

2. He is known as the father of modern science.

3. This US president first proclaimed Father's Day as a national holiday.

4. This lady is believed to have introduced the idea of celebrating Father's Day.

5. In the United States Father's Day is celebrated on this day.

6. In Taiwan, Father's Day is known as

7. The "National Council for the Promotion of Father's Day" in New York City was formed by this organization.