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Father's Day Galore for Kids

Father's Day Word Search

Make your Father's Day celebrations more fun-filled with our fabulous Father's Day Word Search puzzle. To solve this word search game, take a printout of the Word Search template given below and find out the words given in the word list from the jumbled words provided in the puzzle. The words are hidden in every direction - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward or backward. Each of the ten listed words is related in some way to Father's Day. See if you can find them all and score a ten on ten! Circle each word you find to mark out from the disordered set. Have fun solving our Father's Day Word Search puzzle!

Father's Day Word Search Puzzle

With Father's Day coming up again, we have brought for you a fabulous puzzle game. The puzzle consists of a word. All you need to do is to rearrange the word to form five new two-Word Searchs. We have provided you with an example by solving the first one for you. You have to solve the rest yourself. So scroll down, take a print of our Father's Day Word Search Puzzle template and start puzzling it out. Enjoy this cool Word Search Puzzle game!

Father's Day Word Search Puzzle Template:
Instructions for Printing :

1) Click on any of the templates to open it in a new window.

2) Click on the "Print" button in the new window. Alternately, you can go to the menu bar of the window and click File>Print. To get an idea of how your printout will look like, click on File>Print Preview before you take out a print.

3) Print out the template. Then close the template window to return to this screen.

4) Work out the puzzle.

NOTE: Set page margins to zero if you face problems in fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).