Some Interesting Facts About Forest and Tree

Facts on Forest

Interesting Facts About Forest and Tree

1. The central African forest has more than 8000 species of trees.

2. More than 5000 things are manufactured (such as, houses, furniture, movie tickets, books etc) from trees.

3. The oldest living tree has an age of 4700 years and it’s located in US.

4. In less than 100 years half of the entire forest range of the world has been cut. Hence, the whole area is now bare and unprotected.

5. More than 300,000 acres of forests were burnt in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan. Many are now suffering from smog related diseases for that.

6. Certain parts of Malaysia are showing a pollution index of over 500. It’s tremendously hazardous for human health.

7. 100,000 and 200,000 hectares of the forests of Ethiopia are still cut every year. Still many are unable to cook their foods properly.

8. Three- quarters of the population of the entire world depend on wood as this is the main source of energy for them.

9. Over 1.8 million hectors of dry deciduous forest disappear every year.

10. 23 % of the lands are covered by tropical forests but they are disappearing at rate of knots every year.