Strange Facts

Strange Facts for Kids

1. DONNA GOEPPERT of P.A won 1m$ in scratch off lottery games two times in 5 months!

2. JEWISH FAMILIES used caves in western Ukraine to hide from German troops during world war 2nd as long as 144 days in a row!

3. JAMIE GATS is the only 2005 graduate from Montana's outlook high school, she was also her class valedictorian since she was the only senior!

4. SINGAPORE'S 'Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum has more then 1500 animals representing dozens of species including ‘Double happiness’ - a two headed, six legged turtle.

5. SHELLEY BREEDLOVE of Houston, Texas, gave birth to identical quadruplets on March 24th 2005!

6. AN abducted 12 year old Ethiopian girl was rescued by three lions I June 2005,they chased the kidnappers away and protected her until her family arrived.

7. ADVANTAGES enjoyed by taller people in China have prompted an industry of body stretching machines and limb surgeries designed to add height to a person!

8. THE original little dwarf bullfighters of Mexico, an all dwarf troupe, fight bulls by dodging them and bonking them with plastic mollets!

9. ASTRONAUTS in orbit age more slowly than people on earth!

Astronaut in orbit

10. MORE then two million gallons of water flow between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans through the Panama Canal on a busy day!