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Simple Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Diwali is the time to clean up your home and decorate it as nicely as possible to give it a splendid, festive look. While your parents try to deck up the home in the best way, all you young ones can also do your bit to help them. Know how? Just scroll down and go through our simple decoration ideas for Diwali. Using these simple tips, you can beautify your home in the grandest manner. If you like our decoration ideas, just click here and send this page to your friends and loved ones. Happy Diwali!


Rangoli for Diwali

Rangolis are colourful geometric patterns drawn on the floor to welcome Lakshmi Mata or the Goddess of Wealth. The designs are commonly made with colored sawdust, chalk, flour or rice-grain. Drawing Rangoli patterns in front of the the courtyards or the entrance of the house on religious occassions is a very old custom in India. A lot of creativity and hard work is involved in the making of Rangoli designs. This Diwali, you can help your mom by making some Rangoli patterns yourself. All you have to do is, take a handful of rice grains and soak them in different colors overnight; dry in sun the next day. Next, draw any design you like with wet chalk and simply fill it with the colored rice. Simple designs like swastika, feet of Goddess Lakshmi or image of Lord Ganesha not only look beautiful but are very auspicious. The beauty of your Rangoli can further be enhanced if you place a traditional Diwali diya in the middle of your design and light it.

Diyas and Candles

Candles and Diyas

Diyas and candles are an integral part of Diwali decorations. Adorn every nook and corner of your home with splendid diyas and candles on Diwali. These days, these items come in varied and artistic designs made specially for the occasion of Diwali. It's even better if you buy some incensed sticks or aromatic candles with different fragrance. Light it in the place of worship at your home. These will enliven the surroundings of your home as well create a divine atmosphere.

Decorative Lamps

Decorative Lights

Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights’ and so everyone wants to light up their homes as best as possible. Decorative lamps are a popular item to brighten every room of your home on Diwali. With a variety of lamps available in the market, you are sure to find a set of them of your choice. These come in various shapes and sizes and of materials ranging from glass to brass to marble and the like. Buy a number of these and illumine your home this Diwali.

Electric bulbs

For outdoor light decorations, you can buy some electric lights. There are electric string lights, lighting pipe, tiny bulbs etc to adorn your yards and gardens. Strings of electric lights are perfect to adorn mantles and doorways, rafters, roof lines, and porch railings of your home.

Adorn your house with flowers

Flowers are another great item to adorn your home with. Markets offer a lot of floral items for home decorations that you can buy during Diwali. You can also buy flowers like roses, lilies and jasmines in dozens. String some of these into garlands and fix them skillfully in your stair handles, on the wall or on the entrance door as 'toran's. Attach a string of electric light with each floral strand. It will look magnificent. Put some flowers in glasses, pen-stands or glasses to enhance the beauty of your house.
Your home will look like a living paradise.