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Activities for Diwali

India is a land of festivals, where people of different religion and faith practice their different festival and events. Frequently, people of other faith and practice also take part in events and festivals of other faith. Diwali is arguably the biggest religious festival of India, which is celebrated worldwide by non resident Indians. In India, people of all faith take part in it due to its wide spread reach and its attractiveness.

Children, alike adults, have a gala time in Diwali, and here we give a guide of the different activities kids have on Diwali.

Fun Activities For Kids on Deepavali

Playing Games

Kids can indulge in a number of games like hide and seek, dumb charades, JAM (Just a minute of a speech on any topic, without giving any break, on the fly), passing the buck, musical chair, word scrambler, and any group indoor or outdoor game, depending on the scenario. Diwali is a time when kids gather, and best advantage of the same should be taken, as now-a-days, kids seldom get time to socialize, owing to their study and extra-curricular activities. Adults should spend time and make sure that the organization for playing games is done.

If time and space permit, then the best thing to do is to organize a treasure hunt, as kids find it the most attractive.

Adult playing cards is most common at this time, and kids should avoid playing the same. If cards are being played by the kids, money should not be at stake.

Bursting Crackers

Fire Crackers

No Diwali is complete without crackers. However, care should be taken is choosing crackers. Crackers that result in heavy pollution, like torches, should be strictly avoided. Those making loud sounds should also be avoided, as they are prone to accidents, and are injurious to your ears. Safety tips for burning crackers should be followed. We have compiled a list of safety tips for bursting crackers, please click here to view it. Remember to take a print or save the page for future use.


Diwali Sweet Recipe - Gajar ka halwa

Diwali is a time for sweets. It also time for preparing delicious sweets at home. We have given some recipes for preparing sweets. Click here to view the Diwali sweet recipes. It is suggested that kids take an active part in preparing the recipes, along with the adults. This would double the fun, and would also make the preparation a fun event.

Many also choose the occasion for dining at home with close friends and relatives. Organizing the same with the kids would again double the fun, and would make them proud, when someone appreciates the decor.

Cleaning And Decorating Home

Rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli and Diwali have became synonymous. Rangoli should always be prepared with active participation from kids. Get some great Rangoli patterns by clicking here, and then arm yourself with colors to make some killing Rangoli. See your kids beam with joy when someone appreciates the patterns.

The whole household takes a makeover before Diwali, and frequently walls and furniture receive a fresh coat of paint. Click here to get complete house makeover decoration guide.

Making Crafts

Diyas are a popular crafting option is Diwali, as it is immediately put to use. However, the placement and decoration of candles is even more important that making them. It is advised that you buy the candles and use creativity to decorate and place them. Click here and get some great ideas on this topic.

If you are looking for more kids-specific ideas, visit Diwali Activities at TheHolidayspot.