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Diwali Activities and Games

Looking forward to Diwali, right young ones? We all are. And we're sure you're all waiting eagerly for the Festival of Lights. The lights, fireworks and sweets involved with the season ensure that Diwali is a great favourite with children. But the celebration lasts for such a short time that Diwali seems to be over even before you know it. So the trick is to pack in as much fun as possible into this short time and make the event a memorable one for you as well as your loved ones. And you can do this with some splendid activities and games, the ideas for which you can get below. Scroll down and read our article on Diwali Activities and Games. If you like these activity and game tips for Diwali, use them and make your Diwali celebrations even more grand. Also, do not forget to click here and send this page to your friends and near ones. Enjoy the season with all your loved ones. Happy Diwali!

Diwali Games for Kids

Diwali Diya Lighting Contest

If you have an open area available on your premises, holding this contest won't be a problem. Invite many of your friends and cousins and divide them into five or six groups. Set up a time frame of ten to fifteen minutes and ask each team to light diyas (earthen lamps) within that time. The team lighting maximum diyas in given time wins.

Diwali Firecracker Competition

This also requires an open area, preferably a big roof, and a great number of firecrackers. Invite many of your friends and cousins and divide them into five or six groups. Ask all of them to bring along the crackers and sparklers they have bought. Collect all the crackers and divide them into equal portions for each group. Set up a time frame of ten to twenty minutes and ask each team to burst their crackers within that time. The team bursting their crackers in the shortest span of time wins.

Diwali Drawing Contest - Another fun activity for Diwali is holding a Drawing Contest. Invite a number of your friends and cousins and divide them into five or six groups. Hand over a large blank paper sheet to every participant, (take one yourself) and draw pictures of anything related to Diwali, like diya patterns, Lord Ganesha, Laxmi Devi and write "Happy Diwali" underneath in fancy writing.

Have anyone elder with a good knowledge of drawing to act as the judge. The award should go to the one who draws the most beautiful picture.

Fancy Dress Competition

A fancy dress competition is another splendid activity idea for Diwali. Dress up as your favourite cartoon character, any historical persona, the movie star you love or a character from the fairy tale you like. Throw a party at home on Diwali eve and hold a fancy dress contest. Ask your friends and cousins (that is those who belong to your age group) to come prepared for the occassion, dressed as they like for the competition. Ask some of your elders to act as judges. The award should be handed over to the one who comes dressed in the most innovative manner.

Musical Chairs

This is another popular game to play on any festive occassion. And your Diwali celebrations can be more fun with this musical pastime. This fabulous game requires at least six to seven players. It's best to play this while you attend a Diwali Party at any of your relatives place and have many of your cousins around. Or you can also call your friends at your place on Diwali.

Place a group of chairs in a circular arrangement and call your friends/cousins. The total number of chairs should be one short than the total number of players. Get a stereo or a music player and play a groovy dance track. Ask an elder person to start and stop the music at his/her own wish. As soon as the music starts, the players are required to walk to music around the group of chairs and sit down when the music stops. The player left standing in each round is eliminated. Continue the game in this way till all the players are out except one. The remaining player should be given an award, like a Candy pack or a box of crackers.


You must have played Antakshari, the popular musical game, sometime or other? If you have, you don't hafta learn it again. And if you have not, here's how you can play it.

Invite your pals and sit in a circular arrangement. As the host, you should sing up first and start the game. The idea of the game is that, each participant should sing the first two lines of a Hindi film song. The singer has to stop at the end of two complete lines and the last Hindi letter of the last word sung is then used by the next singer to sing another song, starting with that letter. Stop as soon as you finish singing two complete lines and urge the friend sitting left or right to you to sing a song that begins with the last letter of your song. The taking up of songs should continue in a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction.