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Innovative Action Heroes Party Ideas for Kids

Party Ideas themed with Action Heroes

Superman or Supergirl, Mega Man or Mighty Morphins- whatever your favourite superhero, celebrate the favorite character at an Action Heroes Party! Then let the kids power-up, conquer evil and save the day!


  1. Cut action hero emblems and logos from felt.

  2. Cut out the same logos from the double-sided iron-on interfacing paper. Iron the two layers together. Mail the logos and the party details to your guests. Tell the guests to to ask their parents to iron the logos onto old T-shirts or capes and to wear them to the party.

  3. Make a copy of a page from an action hero comic book, white out some of the speech bubbles ,fill in the party details, make copies and mail to guests.


  1. Bake a cake; cool.

  2. Decorate the cake with an emblem from your child’s favorite action hero costume, such as Superman, using appropriately colored icing.

  3. Set action figures all over the cake. Give these to the kids after the party.


  1. Send the action heroes home with small plastic action figures and comic books.

  2. Hand out the Power Portraits and capes the kids made during the party.

Have the kids dress up as action heroes.
Supply kids with masks,capes,gloves,glasses or other accessories.


  1. Set the super scene by creating or buying giant cut-outs of action heroes and hanging them on the walls.

  2. Play theme songs from popular action hero shows.

  3. Make table centerpieces and decorations with small plastic action figures and comic books.


  1. Host an Action Hero Olympics. Prepare a series of challenging feats, varying the games so that large numbers of kids will win,too.Include weightlifting, long jumping, fast running, long distance ball throwing,balance-beam walking,obstacle,course challenges and relay races.

  2. Play Super Hearing. Have the kids identify mysterious recorded sounds.

  3. Play Super Tasting. Blindfold the kids and have them sample and guess foods.

  4. Play Super Smelling .Blindfold the kids and have them sniff a variety of aromas and name the sources.

  5. Play Super Vision. Have the kids look at enlarged or reduced pictures of everyday items and guess what they are.

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