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Thanksgiving Party Ideas for Kids and Children

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

THANKSGIVING - Make words from those letters. Build candy turkey with chocolates, cherries and all the goodies that would tickle your taste buds!!

Turkey Paint : Paint your faces with turkey figures, get an artificial tattoo done on yourself to go with the party theme. Go absolutely wild on colours, trust me you would love it. These are only some of the ideas that can make your party worthwhile. We also invite you to send us some more party ideas.

Decoration : Place pumpkin spice candles everywhere . It will make the house feel comfortable and inviting. Their glow warmed the house and illuminated the many decorative touches around the family, living and dining rooms. There were turkeys everywhere! Small stuffed animal turkeys, tin turkeys, paper turkeys with round tissue papered belly’s, painted turkeys and cute pinecone turkeys (with googly eyes, felt beaks and wattles, and pipe cleaner tails).

Craft : A table can be set up in the family room for a special holiday craft the kids could make and take home – a colorful turkey sun catcher. With brown tempura paint the kids can paint the bottom of their bare foot and stamp his footprint on a piece of brown construction paper. While that dried, they have to cut out a bunch of feather shapes from red, orange and yellow tissue paper and also a brown paper turkey plumage outline that had about a ½ inch border. A piece of plastic wrap should be put on the work surface and using the plumage outline as a guide, brush on a mixture of 2 parts glue and 1 part water to the plastic wrap. Then randomly place the tissue feathers on the sticky surface, brush more of the glue mixture on the tissue and place the plumage outline on the feathers. Let the glue dry completely, then gently pull away the plastic wrap. Trim any tissue paper that pokes out of the plumage. Lastly, cut out your footprint and glue it to the middle of the plumage (heel side up, his toes were the turkey’s feet). Add googly eyes and a construction paper beak and wattle to the heel. It will look beautiful and incredible if taped to a windowpane.

Dining Room Decoration : Next up comes dinner. The dining room table should decorated with a satin gold tablecloth, large white dinner plates with gold trim, delicate silverware, large water goblets and beige cotton napkins tied with gold and white ribbon. The centerpiece should be a long shallow gold tin filled with red, white and yellow fall flowers that draped over the sides so as not to obstruct anyone’s view across the table. And I almost forgot the most important element. Guests knew where to sit by finding their very own turkey gobbler place card. Let me explain… You can use oranges and apples to begin with. Glue craft feathers together to make a turkey tail then glue the tail to a toothpick and stick the toothpick into either an apple or orange. Use mini pinecones bought at a craft store, to make the turkey’s face – two googly eyes, a paper beak and wattle – and poke the pinecone into the fruit at the opposite end of the feathers. Then write the guests’ names on small paper squares glued to toothpicks and insert each name into the top of the orange or apple. The turkeys will look delightful all around the table and add a bit of down home charm to an otherwise elegant table.

Dinner : This year begin the meal with a special soup harvested from all the guests. Ask each to bring one ingredient to include in a soup that would be eaten by all and symbolic of our affection for one another. They can bring zucchini, noodles, mushrooms, potatoes, chicken, anything they want to contribute to this one-of-a-kind soup. Serve it to everyone before the feast begin. It will be delicious and the kids will enjoy it because they know that they have taken part in making it. After dinner you can play a game of "cold turkey". This is a game that will encourage each of us to reflect on what we are thankful for. While your friends talk, watch television, or play board games, yell out cold turkey. At that moment all have to stop whatever it is they are do and take a moment to think about how lucky we are. Yell this out several times during the evening and believe it or not all will freeze when they hear it . End your Thanksgiving dinner by yelling out a big THANK YOU in chorus.

Hey! It's that time of the year again when we come together to share the best times of our lives. it's thanksgiving friends! To make it more memorable, here we are with some party ideas to add that that extra zing to your parties.

Turkey party theme : Decorate the table with layouts of turkey salad, desserts and ice creams.

Games : A traditional harvest time game. Float apples in a large wash tub filled with water. The object of this game is to grab one of the apples and remove it from the water without using your hands. You must use only your mouth. This is a very messy, very wet, and very fun game. It is even more challenging if the stems are removed from the apples.

Turkey race : Make a turkey pack arrange yourself in teams) and take the race like the turkeys with hands flapping on the sides. the winning team wins a turkey with mouthwatering stuffing's inside it. How about that! Turkey memory-memory game that would contain the names of the assorted turkey dishes on the table. The game starts with one name whispered to the next participant, and then to the next one adding more names of turkey dishes while the game progresses. Try it .It should be fun!

Activities : Make paper turkey or hand turkey by taking a printout or drawing the outline and coloring it with colors that u like. Word of advice,dont stick to rules.

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