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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Who among us doesn't love birthdays? Every Birthday means another step towards growing up and getting loads of gifts and wishes from near and dear ones. It's the one occasion that brings for us all the attention in the world and makes us feel like a hero, though the sad part of it all is - the fun lasts only for a day. Birthdays come only once a year. So we have to make the most of this one day and have as much fun as possible with our loved ones. And what better way to do so than to throw a splendid Birthday bash? To hold a perfect Birthday bash requires much planning and effort, but hey, you can sure do without these all. B'coz, here we bring some cool Birthday Party ideas for kids and children to help you liven up your Birthday bash. Check these out! If you like our Birthday Party Ideas, use them and have a rocking Birthday celebration. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are the occasion to have some fun with your friends and loved ones. Check out some exciting tips kids to arrange a perfect Birthday Party:

Before you send in the invites, make a list of all those guests whom youBirthday Cake want to invite to your Birthday party. Inform your friends beforehand whether it will be a day party or over-night party. Provide the names of all the invited ones as your guests may want to know who are the ones you invited other than themselves. You can buy or make the invitations in many fun themes. A good thing is to relate the invitation cards with your party theme, though that's not a strict rule. Deliver your invites personally. Make sure that your send your invitations at least approximately 2 weeks before the party. This allows enough time for guests to "hold the date" and also allows enough time to collect RSVPs before you make your final purchases of party supplies. Request RSVPs by phone or e-mail one week before the party. If you want to send an online party invitation, click here. The site contains a whole lotta fabulous invitation cards that you can send for free.

Now comes the text of your invitation. Your birthday invitation should clearly provide the following information:

1) The party occasion

2) Day and date of party;

3) The party host (provide your first and last name to avoid confusion)

4) Your address - directions to reach to your party zone, nearest landmarks. If possible, enclose a direction map along with your invitation.

5) Menu for the party - state whether it will be a veg or a non-veg party.

6) The duration of your party

7) Party dress code, if any. (If you want friends to wear sleeping gowns to a Slumber Party or dress-up for a 70's Party, suggest this on the invitation)

8) RSVP deadline (phone number and e-mail address should be provided).

Be sure to include any special information or requests.

The venue of your Birthday Party depends as much on you as on your guests. It is better to throw a party at your shack; that way your parents would be better able to make all the necessary arrangements without spending too much. However, you can also get party venues on hire and if you like to celebrate outdoors, talk to your parents and get on rent some good place to hold your bash in.

Party Decoration
Birthday PartyDecorations add color and excitement to any party and things are no different for a Birthday Party. A little creativity goes a long way to ensure that you do not have to spend a fortune for your party decorations. An easy party decoration idea is to purchase partyware sets, consisting of matching table cloths, plates, cups, and napkins, that display the theme of the party. Balloons make for another brilliant party decoration! Tie 5-8 balloons outside the party location to help guests find the party venue. Place balloon bouquets on the gift table, cake table and such other spots. Buy a number of helium balloons and allow them to float up to the ceiling of your party venue with long ribbons. If you don't want helium balloons, you can go for regular balloon decorations. Tie several balloons together with a ribbon, curl it using scissors or a knife and tape over your doorway or hang from a ceiling light fixture (see that they are not too close to the bulbs). Also hang a fringe of streamers over the doorways. When the party is over, send a balloon home with each of your friend. This will be a cool party favour.

Make a canopy of streamers over the cake table by attaching streamers to the chandelier and twirling them down to the corners of the table. Sprinkle confettis of various shapes over tabletops and beds to lend a festive look to the occasion.

Party Themes
A theme is one of the prime requirements for any kids birthday party. The primary thing that should be decided is a theme, so that decorations can be done accordingly. A popular Birthday party theme is the slumber theme. Planning a sleepover party is a great idea for kids. It's such a treat to have friends spend the night. Another common theme these days is to dress up like celebrities or in some fancy dress. You can even announce a prize to the best dressed up person. But you can surely do without a theme if it gets a bit difficult for you to make the arrangements.

Party Ambience
Creating the right atmosphere for your party is highly important. Dress up your party zone according to the theme of your party. You can arrange for some nice birthday music and keep them playing softly in the background to add to the mood of your party. Also keep some groovy tracks handy in case you feel like having a dance with your pals. Prepare garlands of flowers and place them all over in your sweet home. Place a Happy Birthday banner on the main door with your name in it.

Food is another important aspect of your birthday party. Nothing feels so great than gorging on yummy dishes. And the same goes for your friends. So make sure that you arrange for some of the most lip-smacking dishes make your birthday bash occasion an unforgettable one for your buddies. The best way to bowl over your buds is to delight their taste buds.

Zesty dishes are the best for birthday menus. Your birthday menu should include dishes like Spicy Lamb Cutlets and Potato Cutlets (click here for the recipes). For desserts, chocolate recipes like Pineapple cakes, Chocolate Cakes or Cheesecakes are just great (click here for the recipes).

If your guest list includes vegetarians, make adequate provisions for them.

Party Favors
A sweet gesture to thank your guests for attending your party is Party favors. Appreciate their presence in spite of their busy schedule. It ends the festivities on a sweet note and keeps the memory of the party alive for your invited ones by handing them a return gift. Buy medium-to-large size, colorful paper bags and write the name of one guest on each one. Fill each one of these with gift items like plastic toy animals, pinwheel, candy boxes, chocolates and the like. It will be better to hand out party favors according to the theme of your party.

Don't forget to buy or make Thank You notes to send after the kids birthday party.

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