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Pet Party Ideas for Kids

Pet Party Ideas

How about including your pets in the party you are planning for yourself !! Invite your friends along with their pets. Invitation cards should be colorful and hand written. Make sure you draw the pictures of the pets of each of your friends whose name in turn should be written artistically. You may rope in your siblings or your parents as your helping hands.

Decorations: Place stuffed animal toys in strategic positions where your friends can cuddle and play with them. Hang balloons in bunches wherever it looks good. Make arrangements for a place, maybe in your backyard, for your friends to keep their respective pets. You can give it the appearance of a barn. Arrange for some hay stacks to mark the boundaries of the artificial barn. A separate place needs to be arranged if your friends’ pets include birds. When your friends start pouring in, give each of them a cap where both your friend and his pet’s names are inscribed or painted. Each of them can keep it as a memoir. Two table needs to be spread out. One would include the delicacies that you plan to prepare for your buddies and the other for the pets.

Party Game: While your pets have a blast, you in the mean time can indulge yourselves in the following game. Arrange yourselves in a circle and sit down. Divide yourselves into two groups. Call a member of the other group and whisper the name of a pet in his ear and he has to explain that to his team mates without speaking anything other than YES and NO. His team mates can ask him three questions and guess the right answer. Each correct answer would fetch the team animal stickers and small animal toys which the team members can share among themselves after the game gets over.

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